Hey, I’m Wyatt Sell 👋

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I’m studying Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Cornell University with plans to minor in English. In my free time, I enjoy writing software, running, and reading history, philosophy and literature. I’m interested in computational epistemology and in how we can better use technology to interpret knowledge and augment our cognitive abilities. My latest project (maxims.app) is a tool for visualizing text embeddings on a 2D canvas, to allow you to explore how various ideas, quotes, and concepts relate to each other.

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I've worked on a wide array of projects and teams, including:

  • Remnote (team): A note-taking and spaced-repetition platform that helps you to remember more of what you learn.
  • Revisio (solo): A full-stack SaaS that helps students revise for exam better using algorithms and collaboration
  • Samaritan Scout (team): The web's first search engine for volunteer oppurtunities, leveraging LLMs and the latest in full-stack technologies.

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I can adapt to most common web stacks, but I enjoy working with: Typescript, Next.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, Python&UNIX

If you think we’d work well together, please get in touch!